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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Korma blimey! McCurry beats McDonald's in court - MSN

Call it the letter of the law.

After an almost eight-year legal battle, a Malaysian court has ruled that a local curry house did not infringe on the McDonald's trademark by using the prefix "Mc".

The US fast-food giant argued that McCurry -- a local eatery whose menu features delights such as murukku and fish head curry -- had illegally made use of its trademark.

Overturning a 2006 decision, a Malaysian appeals court disagreed.

"No way we infringed McDonald's trademark," said jubilant McCurry owner Kanages Suppiah after the ruling. "We have nothing synonymous with them."

McCurry's lawyer Sri Dev Nair said there was no question of customers confusing the two companies.

"The type of food we serve and the age group of customers that come to McCurry are different," he said.


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