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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Imam Pertama Sertai DAP Sabah - Perisik Rakyat

BEAUFORT (Sabah) - Sabah DAP is following the steps of ex-BN component party Sabah Progressive Party in focusing on the recruitment of Bumipteras.

It scored its first 'scoop' among the Malay community when Haji Jusri Kamat, an imam (congregation head) from Beaufort signed up with the party.

In a ceremony here Friday, Jusri handed over his application form to join the DAP to the party's state chief and Kota Kinabalu MP Dr Hiew King Cheu. ALso present were state vice-chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, Beaufort DAP chief Jinlin bin Abdul Rahman and other branch chairmen and members. (photo)

However, this is surprising in Sabah as people in the state are more open and liberal about religion.

Jusri said he decided to join DAP because he admires the devotion and spirit of DAP leaders in the state to help the people.

"The party inspires a lot of people in Sabah, and the people now understand that they cannot depend too much on the Barisan Nasional government, but have to stand up to find ways to survive, both economically and politically.

More Bumiputera branches

He expressed the hope that his move would encourage more Muslims in the state to join the party and work for a better future for the state and people.

Hiew said the Sabah DAP is gaining more support from the Muslim community in Beaufort and other parts of Sabah.

"We will work harder and push forward to further strengthen the support from all corners of Sabah in order to achieve a grand victory in the next general election," he said.

"A change to the present government is the only solution to the many long and outstanding problems in Sabah. So if Sabahans want a change, we have to work hard together and help change Sabah," he added.

Hiew also announced that the party will be setting up more Bumiputera branches in such places as Kota Belud, Tenom, Ranau, Lahad Datu, Kudat, Tawau and Sandakan.

Perisik Rakyat

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