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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terkini - Al-Banjari

Terkini daripada Kg. Tebok, Pekan Trong. Bahang di kawasan Mengundi, PANAS dengan provokasi dari kedua-dua belah pihak baik pihak BN, mahupun PAS, namun hakikatnya..provokasi yg amat kurang ajar datangnya dari kem BN..maki hamun perayu Undi PAS...melampau tu !

Kehadiran orangramai kian ramai. Sesak jalan beb ! Air Minuman juga ada dijual secara by hand sale oleh usahawan segera di situ.

Official LIVE Report

Polling at Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai started at 8am this morning. Almost 100,000 voters are eligible to vote to elect two state representatives and one member of parliament.

Both Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak) are state seats while Bukit Gantang is a parliamentary seat. Voting ends at 5pm and results are expected after 10pm.

9.53am Bukit Selambau Independent candidate T Chandrarajan and wife M Suguna Devi voted at Sek Men Teknik Sungai Petani at about 9.35am.

Chandrarajan is the only independent candidate who is a registered voter in this constituency. A total of 13 independent candidates are vying for this seat along with PKR's Manikumar and BN's Ganesan.

9.45am Bukit Gantang Supporters from PAS and BN are exchanging insults at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre. About 300 PAS supporters are chanting ‘Hancur Umno, Hancur BN' to which the 100-odd BN supporters responded by shouting ‘PAS Munafik' (PAS hypocrite).

PAS supporters are also singing songs about Altantuya. Voters are also coming in continuously to cast their ballots.

9.35am Bukit Gantang A PAS supporter was chased by two policemen after he was seen wearing an Altantuya mask at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre. The supporter managed to run away.

9.28am Bukit Gantang BN's Ismail Saffian, "I am confident people will vote for BN and me".

When asked if his defeat would mean people's lack of confidence in Najib, he said: "I leave it to the people". He earlier said his victory would be an endorsement to Najib as the new PM.

He also claimed that his opponents were up to their dirty tactics again this morning by sending out fake SMSes claiming to be from him to voters, asking them not to vote for him.

9.25am Batang Ai Polling opened at 8am in 26 polling stations across the sprawling constituency in Batang Ai. With only 8,000 registered voters, and no traffic jams, residents are taking their time to vote.

In some far-flung polling stations, voting will close earlier to enable the ballot boxes to be flown by helicopters to the main counting centre in the border town of Lubok Antu.

9.20am Bukit Gantang Heavy traffic at the main junction in Taiping as voters and party workers are getting busy with their tasks. Police are monitoring traffic.


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