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Friday, April 16, 2010

Commercialbank GP of Qatar. Rider: Mohamed Zulfhami Khairuddin - SIC

A productive weekend for both Sturla Fagerhaug and Zulfahmi Khairuddin, the twoyoung guys that for the first time compete the World Championship with the Air Asia -Sepang International Circuit Team. The Malaysian rider started from a good 17th position on the grid, crossing the finish line, at the end of lap one, in 16th place. Then,he lost a few positions, and was able to finish the race 20th.

Sturla Fagerhaug, Norvegian, who started just one position ahead of his teammate,exchanged position with Zulfahmi on first lap. Later, he was able to improve getting the 15th spot. In the second part of the GP, he too lost a couple of positions, finishing 18th.

Sturla Fagerhaug (39'16"995 - 18th) "My start has not been the best possible, I have tosay. Later on I did a few mistakes, and found myself alone. In that condition, I couldnot do anything to improve my position, and I settled to finish the race".

Zulfahmi Khairuddin (39'47"642 - 21st) "I'd quite a good start. Then some smallmistakes, and I lost a couple of positions. I'm happy with my weekend: thecommunication with the team is really OK, and we did a good job. I qualified very welland I finished the race without any problem, which was our target for today".

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team Principal) "With two beginners in our team, our main targetis to help them to learn the bike and how to set it up. We have to get data, organisethem, and use them to teach the guys what to do. This is the World Championship, andanybody coming from national or minor series wants time to adapt himself to the mostcompetitive category in the world. Both riders did well, and are progressing".


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