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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'What's wrong with owning a racehorse?' - Malaysiakini

'I wonder how many BN leaders' lifestyle are also similarly 'tainted' or are in a worse condition than Zaid, but are enjoying immunity from public shame and scrutiny just because they are standing on the 'right' side?'

'Gambling' claim: PKR man lays down his cards

What's this?: All these problems that BN highlighted about Zaid Ibrahim were already there when he was a BN minister. It was acceptable to BN then because he was on their side. Now that he is on the opposition side, they become moral issues.

I wonder how many BN leaders' lifestyle are also similarly 'tainted' or are in a worse condition than Zaid, but are enjoying immunity from public shame and scrutiny just because they are standing on the 'right' side?

Myop101: Owning horses, even the racing types, is a favourite hobby of the rich. Ask the Gulf Cooperation Council rulers whether they have a stable of racing horses. You will likely see some hands raised and they are proud of having it.

I wonder if it is really so wrong to own racing horses? Again, what has owning a racing horse got to do with the ability of Zaid in running for membership in Parliament? He admitted and he is no longer in "transgression".

Someone should ask Chua Soi Lek whether he has repented as, according to Umno/BN. It makes no difference, anyway, and he might as well forget about running for elections or hold any government posts.

Ozzie Jo: What else would the tunnel-visioned, narrow-minded, brain-dead BN propaganda think up next? So owning a racehorse is an investment as, say, buying up a land-bank where you can it at an affordable price these days.

Zaid invested in a racehorse, one which he has to further invest money into by grooming and training it to be a successful racer. And, of course, the better the racehorse, the better is its value.

But you can never absolutely predict the horse's performance, even after the best training and grooming, so yes, there is some risk related to his investment. But that is not gambling. What investment has no risk anyway?

I guess the only ones with a guaranteed ROI (return of investment) are the ones undertaken by the BN inner sanctum who sweep up all land, all the deals, all the contracts, all the timber, whatever, wherever based on insider information - thieves, liars and cheats, that they are.

Ramakrishnan Senkodan: Drop in at any of the Irish turf clubs for a race. Not one, but many Malaysian-owned horses and their owners names will be mentioned clearly on the loudhailer. For a fact, hardly any belongs to Malaysians of Chinese or Indian origin. What's the big deal if Zaid owned a horse.

TC Chan: Umno is just running out of ideas. Tunku Abdul Rahman owned race horses. So, too, the Aga Khan and Muslim Arab rulers. And don't forget our sultans - heads of Islam in their respective states. Most of our turf clubs carry the ‘royal' prefix. To me, it's just a drowning man grasping at straws.

Kgen: If owning a race horse is a sin, what about owning shares in a beer manufacturing company like San Miguel? Let's not be hypocrites here. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Umno should be the last people on earth to fight from a morality platform.

They are totally bankrupt of morals. It's like a prostitute preaching about the virtues of virginhood until marriage.

Joanna Chee: Queen Elizabeth owns thorough-bred horses. The House of Saud owns one of the largest number of thorough-bred horses. Many other royal heads of state have owned horses for sport.

Will Umno's non-drinkers please stand up?

Geronimo: That's the difference between DAP and Umno. While the focus should be to inform the folks of Hulu Selangor how the respective parties can help to improve their lot should they be voted as their representatives, Umno decided to treat this campaign and Hulu Selangor as the venue to slander the oppostion, and yet they have the gall to call themselves Muslims. Just plain disgraceful!

Voter-get-Voters: Let us not forget No 1 Umno member ex-prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's son holds shares in a brewery. How come Umno did not go to town with this fact. That is all halal and okay then?

Lokman Salleh: I suppose, to some people, drinking alcohol is wrong but corruption is okay.

Dr M: All's fair in love, war... and elections

Cala: Mahathir Mohamad can best be remembered for the following:

i) he had been the PM only to a particular ethnic group;

ii) public universities' ranking slipped when he threw away meritocracy into the dustbin;

iii) he destroyed and disfigured all social institutions so much so that they are no longer competent and independent of the executive; and

iv) he rewarded handsomely his cronies at the expense of the people all in the name of NEP.

The people are not fools. They know him better now.

Ichigo: Pakatan should focus on Zaid past achievements to counter the character assassination unleashed by BN like his starting of the Kelantan Foundation for the Disabled in 1998 serving 2,400 people suffering from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Ksn: That is the type of man and the philosophy of the man who destroyed our country, every thing good, sowed the seeds of discrimination, etc. The list is too long, but it has been repeated by many, many times.

Has he not heard not to hit people below the belt?


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